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    “Hello! This is Phillip! Author of “Secrets of paid online surveys ebook!

I worked as a (5) five year inside market research interviewer/consultant and also provided online research for the companies I worked for over the years. The biggest problem I have personally found is the fact that people that ARE actually interested in online survey participation have simply joined the “wrong companies”. In other words, these companies only want to pay with prizes, contest and gifts and even sometimes “Nothing at all?” after they have provided their hard working online opinion.

Making money with paid online surveys is NOT easy! It actually requires a lot of time and hard work. The hard part is finding the “right” cash paying survey companies to begin with, because so many Internet website people nowadays advertise “join this particular company” and receive FREE CASH? However, what they don’t tell you is they are making money off the referral fee(s) once you “click on and join” all of these so-called market research companies advertised on their websites and they could care less whether you make any money or not after you join?

Also, if you are not careful, you will be lured into giving certain FRAUDULENT survey companies your credit card number (as advertised on the T.V commercial). Which is really bad for people that are honestly interested in paid online survey participation that have been “steered in the wrong direction” regarding LEGITIMATE surveys that actually pay you for your online time. “These online incidents really make me mad” as a professional market research interviewer, because it simply defrauds the TRUE basis for daily opinion consumer market research to begin with.

People email me from all around the world and ask me? “Can you really make money off paid online surveys?” I tell them, it’s not that hard once you join the right cash paying companies, but it does take a lot of patience and hard work everyday. Average paid online surveys pay anywhere from $3.00 to $25.00 per 15 minute survey depending on your occupation? “If you join the right companies in the beginning and learn how to qualify for each and every  paid online survey?”

This situation is great for unemployed workers and stay at home moms or dads and even college students. Because, legitimate online survey companies do NOT take out taxes or ask for your social security number or even your credit card number until you reach the $600.00 IRS limit pay for the year. “Ironically, these legitimate market research companies are 100% FREE to join!

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”Most legitimate paying online market research companies do NOT Internet advertise and they will also pay absolutely nothing for referral fees of any kind.  The majority of these online legitimate market research companies are “hidden within the Internet?” which most website people never advertise because they receive “NO referral payments” in return".

“This is where the hard part comes in?” How do I find these actual cash paying online survey companies?” My wife and I actually bought a 500 list of these so-called survey companies for $39.95 over the Internet with and narrowed it down to 14 legitimate companies, which we still make money off everyday regarding our online opinion payable via or checks in the U.S.A. mail each month. We honestly spent month after month joining these companies that has paid off for us in the end, because this is additional monthly income and we also have the right to choose which paid survey we want to participate in on a daily basis 24 hours a day.

“Trying to find these legitimate cash paying online market research companies over the Internet, is like finding a needle in a haystack!” Ironically, most people have bought my ebook just for this list of the 14 Top cash paying online survey companies alone. Which they claim has been a “Time Saver” simply because of Internet research, day after day, and the fact that they are tired of all the B.S. junk email”.

“Unfortunately, you may have to lie at times regarding the screening or qualifying process”, which is one of the reasons why I personally quit this business to begin with, because your occupation seems to conflict with this particular survey for some strange reason? In other words, restaurant workers are NOT allowed to do food surveys? Construction workers can NOT do surveys regarding tools? However, computer experts are allowed to always do any NEW computer technology, which pays anywhere from $60.00 to $100.00 per survey. But, these technology surveys are really complicated for an average person, but at the same time rewarding if these experts take the time to participate in these paid online surveys, with NO personal information ever revealed.

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